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This Is the Place to Be

Refuel your passion and break barriers with relevant tools and strategies based on a deepened understanding of complex issues.
This is where you connect the dots.

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This Is Networking

Connect and discover, through what we each bring, new pathways forward.

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This Is Power

Build your leadership and tell your story to influence policy and practice of decision-makers outside the nonprofit sector.

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This Is Innovation

Learn the latest and the value in small improvements to the tried and true.

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This Is Learning Forward

Celebrate 25 years as our community looks back to learn into the future. Together we all shape our pathway forward.

Washington State Nonprofit Conference

This Is Who We Are

Be present in the joyful recognition of the work we do in our communities to make a difference, add to your repertoire of tools and strategies, and connect with the people that matter to your work and the very fiber of why you do what you do.


The Washington State Nonprofit Conference is the only annual statewide gathering for members of the nonprofit community. Take a day away from your desk to see your challenges from another perspective, meet nonprofit leaders from across the state, and visualize how you can lead the change for a better nonprofit sector.

May 20, 2019
Pre-conference Deep Dives on Equity, Fundraising, Risk, or Volunteer Management

May 21, 2019The Main Conference, complete with interactive and thoughtful workshops, inspiring world-class speakers, and opportunities to visit with a wide variety of exhibitors and vendors. Event time 8:00 AM – 4:45 PM. Stay tuned for our full schedule!

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Special Features

In addition to speakers, workshops, and exhibitors, the Washington State Nonprofit Conference is known for offering a wide variety of formats to help you succeed in your mission. Consult with experts, discuss your challenges with peers, and take home valuable learning and reference materials.

Do you need advice? Would talking with an expert get you over a hurdle holding you back? Are you interested in learning more about the offerings of local consultants? “The Doctor Is In” is designed to provide 30-minute windows of opportunity for you to talk with a consultant of your choosing. Bring your topic or simply your curiosity. Participating consultants and their topics will be posted prior to the conference.

See the schedule of participating consultant here. 

Ignite Nonprofits

Hosted by Mónica Guzmán of The Evergrey

You’ve heard the saying, “The wisdom is in the room.” We believe there is tremendous wisdom among the people who attend this conference. The Ignite Idea Lab elicits these ideas in a format designed to be concise. Hear an idea told within 5 minutes and then join 10 minutes of conversation about it.

Ignite Idea Lab Schedule

Your storytelling guru, Jim Shapiro


Storytelling is a critical skill in the nonprofit sector. A well-told story can move people to volunteer, donate, or take action. Join us in the Story Lab, where we’ll showcase our nonprofit colleagues and the compelling stories they have to tell. Expert storyteller and nationally-renowned trainer, Jim Shapiro of the Better Fundraising Company, will coach these aspiring speakers and help perfect their message.

StoryLab Schedule

A popular feature of the Washington State Nonprofit Conference!

You have a lot on your mind. There are challenges that keep you up at night, opportunities that you wonder how to move forward, and ideas you would simply like to brainstorm with peers. Table Talks give you time to talk with your peers about a topic of your choice. We ask you what you want to talk about at registration. Your responses shape these facilitated conversations that take place before lunch.

The Nonprofit Question & Answer Center is a place to ask questions, explore challenges, and find resources and referrals. Nonprofit specialists will be available before and after sessions for guidance in areas such as:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Law
  • Engaging a consultant

On-hand specialists look forward to conversations about issues facing your organization and opportunities to address them. Stop by the Main Hall to ask, talk, share, and learn!

Organized by 501 Commons and Wayfind.

There’s a lot your board needs to know. Luckily, there are well-tested tools to help them learn! Stop by the Nonprofit Tools Table to pick up toolkits an resources related to boards, finance, law, and planning. Talk with experts on how best to bring these tools into the life of your organization. Join us for a board game, play full-body finance BINGO, or simply spin the SPiN (Strategic Planning in Nonprofits) wheel.

Sponsored by Jacobson Jarvis & Co PLLC.