Michelle Osborne & Sarah Grey

    MICHELLE OSBORNE is the Race and Social Justice Manager for YWCA Seattle |King | Snohomish, providing expertise, education, and customized resources to support YWCA’s mission of Eliminating Racism and Empowering Women. A lawyer and former prosecutor, she directed the Rape Crisis Center at a YWCA in Silicon Valley, and ran a multi-community outreach and research project for a domestic violence agency in California. Michelle’s work explores racial equity and social justice, the prevention of violence against women and children, societal and cultural roles for women of color, and leadership development for girls and women. She is the Qualitative Co-Chair of YWCA’s Client Voice Committee, and a member of the Data (Disparities) Team.

    SARAH GREY is Client Data Information Systems Manager at YWCA Seattle |King | Snohomish. Sarah’s expertise includes collecting, analysing, evaluating, assessing, and reporting data concerning client demographics and service program numbers. She has investigated and designed information capture systems for customized data needs, and is an in-house resource for agency data queries. She is leading her department in developing enhanced methods for reviewing data related to outcomes for clients of color, particularly African American women and girls. Sarah leads a racially diverse, all women Client Data Department, serves as the Quantitative Co-Chair for YWCA’s Client Voice Committee, and is a member of the agency’s Data (Disparities) Team.