Pre-Conference Deep Dive Tracks

Make the most of your conference learning experience with a one-day pre-conference deep dive on Monday, May 20. Choose from one of the topics below.

9 am to 4 pm

Strategic Fundraising

We know you are doing a lot with a little. This is a day of protected time for you to reignite your development program through a series of interactive workshops. Identify your organization’s areas of greatest fundraising potential and leave with ideas on how to take your development program to the next level. The Ostara team brings to this day of workshops our experience with more than 250+ nonprofit organizations in the region.

Learning Outcomes

By attending this session, you will be able to:

  • Share a new perspective on organizational alignment
  • Tell your organization’s story with emphasis on the difference you make in the world
  • Link your core fundraising activities to where you are headed as an organization
  • Engage your board with specific tools and tactics in fundraising

Focus Audience

This session is designed for people working in organizations with at least one full time person on staff. It is appropriate for:

  • An executive director who participates in fundraising
  • A nonprofit development director (manager or coordinator) who plays a leadership role in the organization
  • A board member who participates in fundraising for the organization

Organizational teams – with people in all three positions listed above – are welcome and encouraged.


The Ostara Group

Presented by The Ostara Group

The Ostara Group was founded in 2009 to build fundraising skills, organizational capacity and effective leadership in the nonprofit sector. Their team of advisors have partnered with over 250 nonprofit organizations from across the Pacific Northwest to craft fundraising strategies, deliver interim staffing, increase grant writing success and provide support through coaching and planning. “Strategic Fundraising” draws on the talent and experience of their staff.

The Ostara Group
9 am to 4 pm

Step Up Your Volunteer Strategy

Volunteers accomplish work staff does not have the time to do. They build connections with the community, and often they are your most dedicated donors.  Most nonprofits cannot fully achieve their missions without help from community volunteers.

How do you take your organization’s volunteer strategy beyond the basics? How do you ensure that your staff team is fully invested in effective volunteer engagement? How do you recruit and support a volunteer base that represents the communities you serve? And, how do you best communicate the value and impact of volunteerism to your funders and stakeholders?

This deep dive will cover:

  • Training and supporting staff to work effectively with volunteers
  • Engaging a diverse volunteer corps at your organization
  • Best practices for measuring and communicating volunteer impact

You will learn from experts, practitioners, and peers and leave with new knowledge, tools, and connections.

Learning Outcomes

By attending this session, you will be able to:

  • Make volunteer engagement part of your team culture
  • Engage new populations of volunteers at your organization
  • Identify your next steps to a more inclusive and effective volunteer program
  • Demonstrate the impact of volunteers on your mission

Focus Audience

Step Up Your Volunteer Strategy is designed for people managing volunteers who are looking to deepen their skills and connections, as well as leadership or development staff looking to create a volunteer engagement strategy.

501 Commons logo

Presented by 501 Commons

501 Commons provides expertise to nonprofits through 30+ services, including a full range of management and technology consulting, HR, accounting, and board training. 501 Commons began as the Executive Service Corps, an organization rooted deeply in the power of volunteers to make a difference in their communities. 501 Commons has managed a number of volunteer initiatives over the past decade. It brings deep knowledge and experience about Volunteer Management to this session.

501 Commons
9 am to 4 pm

Risk Management in Action

Details coming soon.