Paige Collins, Angela Crawford, Ileana Ponce-Gonzalez, Gabriel Cruden

    PAIGE COLLINS ran the Providence Regina House food bank in Seattle for 8 years before going to work for Northwest Harvest in Eastern Washington. In 2015, she became the Executive Director of the Council on Aging & Human Services in Whitman County, where she oversees both the nutrition division and Coast Transportation services. In 2016, Paige moved to LaCrosse to have more land for animals, which lead her to taking in her first few “special” livestock animals. Now, she also runs Happy Pastures Livestock Rescue with her husband Brian.

    ANGELA-JANINE CRAWFORD, owner and consultant for Crawford NPO Consulting, LLC since 2012, specializes in helping rural nonprofit boards become more effective and efficient. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise from the private sector to her nonprofit work, spent 12 years with Disabilities Rights Washington, including serving as chair of the board, and has provided skilled volunteer time to rural nonprofits in Eastern Washington for over 18 years. She recently earned recognition from The National Society of Leadership and Success and the Golden Key International Honor Society as she nears completion of her Doctorate of Public Administration degree, specializing in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.

    ILEANA PONCE-GONZALEZ, MD, MPH, CNC, is Executive Director of the Community Health Worker Coalition for Migrants and Refugees. She has more than 17 years of experience in developing health care programs and outreach initiatives for underserved communities. Dr. Ponce-Gonzalez has worked extensively in rural settings, with diverse segments of the community as well as state and local government public health systems in three different countries: Nicaragua, Chile and the United States. She is an expert in building collaborative networks, performing needs assessments, devising technical assistance programs, training programs for community health workers, and strategic planning.

    GABRIEL CRUDEN (moderator) is Washington Nonprofits Program Manager for Eastern Washington. He has served as volunteer, staff member, board member and director for a variety of nonprofits and is a Boards In Gear trainer. His passion is connecting people, resources and projects, and finding those little things that make a big difference for rural nonprofits. Gabriel publishes a regional, monthly magazine dedicated to building community through storytelling about “Where and How We Live” and is co-founder of Enriched Teaching, bringing professional development to teachers about neuroscience and its application in the classroom. He lives with his family in Kettle Falls on a small farm on the Columbia River.